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What is one thing or person you came across that inspired you for growth today?

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Sorry my inspired program crashed a long time ago and is not longer compatible with society and the sick group mind that rules this world.

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Yes. Society is truly sick. There's so much mutual egoism and it's promoted as ambition to become greater than one already is and in this way the rulers shove all the consumer goods down our throat. People don't realize that they are being used as commodities by these leaders and giant corporations. The big pharmas and tech giants and even these food chains are selling stuff that we don't need, but want artificially just because of the social (social media) conditioning. Very very few people are awake to all the propaganda being fed to them. "Family" and "Friends" are no different. I feel like I am surrounded by sleep walking zombies ready to bite me if I try to wake them up. I have quit trying so.

Well when you have a society where parents put their own children in jail that should tell you everything you need to know right there.

Agree. Freedom and human rights are a far fetched dream now. I see Orwell's "Police State" taking shape right in front of my eyes. Look at the illogical and superstitious laws they are coming up with.