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Yes believe it or not many states now have insane laws that bar any adult form entering a playground who is a legal taxpayer unless they are accompanied by a kid.

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No, I don't believe the state should have any kind of power over citizens and tax payers.

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Some states are beginning to rethink that from what I have read, another problem we have is our park department rents out park space and when that happens no one is allowed to use it
that is also wrong cause that is also public space being paid by tax payers,

There has to be a way to challenge them. It's wrong to misuse public money and to treat public property as their private.

The united states has pretty much destroyed their public parks with all this plastic play ground equipment, when I was young the park was full of people of all ages using the play grounds
but not more its all for little children any more all the play ground equipment we grew up with has been pulled in the name of child safety and nagging mothers.