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ACME Widgets Demo. This demo shows how you can integrate FlashChat into your website's template. ACME Widgets is a ficticous company.

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What you get: All PHP source code, All Flash source code (.FLA file), MySQL table structures, installation instructions, free technical support at the TUFaT.com support forum.
Minimum requirements: PHP 4.1.2, MySQL 3.23, Flash 7. You do NOT need Flash Communication Server or any other server components.
FlashChat is the copyright of Darren Gates and TUFaT.com. Re-sale of FlashChat is strictly prohibited. The purpose of FlashChat is to give companies, organizations, and individuals a simple way to add live chat capabilities to any PHP/MySQL-enabled website. Community-based support is available on the TUFaT.com support forum, and upgrades are free.